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About Dadu, about us: how we started making unique wooden toys

Liza, at the age of one and a half, used to say 'dadu' whenever she saw an airplane. Nobody knew why.
Liza is now two and a half years old and calls an airplane an airplane.
There are things that only the very little ones know and understand. And there are not-so-young ones, like poets, grandmothers, musical clowns, and sometimes even seemingly ordinary people, who have a hint of what a dadu is.
We are sculptors. We love Liza, each other, cheerful colors, the beautiful grains of the wood, poets, grandmothers…
And we really want to create dadu.
For everyone.

nevevan This was our introduction in September 2020 when we showed the world the first dadu. Since then, Dadu has made many friends, we have a dog named Bikfic, and now we finally have a webshop. So, it's about time we introduce ourselves more properly.

I am Móni Hafner, and with Lacek - László Fancsali -, my partner, we are the Dadu. I graduated from a high school of fine arts, majoring in painting, and in sculpture at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. Lacek originally had a different education, but he has a lot of experience and knowledge from the past: he worked as a photographer, printer, sculptor... - that come in very handy for Dadu. Both of us have been passionate about drawing since childhood, and we use this a lot in our design. In the years before Dadu, we mainly worked in the production of movie sets, and we met during such a job. We loved it, but we longed for a long time to do something really fun, varied and creative, that was completely ours, where no one has a say in what and how, where we allocate our time ourselves, we can fiddle with natural materials after the abundance of plastic. We had a lot of ideas, but with the film drive, we never had time to implement them. Then Covid came, filming stopped, and suddenly we had a lot of time to finally not only plan in theory. After a few discarded ideas, the first dadus were born pretty soon.

We are proud of the fact that we only make toys of our own design, and only one piece of everything is made, even though there are new ones almost every day.

In addition to uniqueness, we feel it is very important that our toys not only provide entertainment, but also serve to develop all kinds of skills and abilities of children during play.

And we also strive to protect our living environment as much as possible during our work, and to create toys with which everyone can learn a lot about environmental awareness and the importance of protecting our earth while playing.

We believe that a toy is complete and perfect when it is born while playing,

and we cannot imagine that this joy of making toys would remain if we were to produce the same thing in series. That's why we don't use templates, we draw all dadus on the wood freehand, cut, sand and paint them by hand.

We make wooden toys that teach children freedom, independence, creativity, empathy, and openness.

And all this while we also feel free, independent, creative, empathetic, and open, because what we like to do fills our everyday lives and we do something that makes others happy.
So it's good for us, it's good to be Dadu :)

— – - ♦ - – —