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nevevan If you’d like to surprise someone with a gift that really shows your love and attention, or if you would like to recall something that connects the two of you by choosing a motif or colors, and you are happy to be an active contributor to the creation of the gift with your ideas, then we’d be happy to collaborate with you to create a personalDadu.

The process of placing the order

– First, please write down what your ideas are. E.g.: I want a swirly personalDadu named Lotti, with rainbow-colored arches and blue-green letters. Or: my little boy is crazy about elephants: I would like a tray dadu named Peti for him with two elephants and a cloud. There should be no purple color in it, I'll leave the rest up to you...
We would like to ask you not to send us a drawing – we’ll send one to you, based on your suggestions. Dadus are dadus because they're designed by us. We can't accept commissions to make a toy that was designed by someone else.

– Also please tell us how much you are able to spend on your personalDadu. Until we create the design,, we won’t know exactly how much it will cost, but we always try to take your budget into account when we create the drawing. The price does not primarily depend on the size of a dadu, but rather on how many and how complicated elements it's composed of, since the labor involved is much more than the price of the raw materials. For example, a personalDadu that involves a name that has lots of letters, will be more costly than one that has three letters. But if there are lots of other elements (sun, flower, clouds, sunflowerclouds… etc) added to the short name, then the cost will increase accordingly.

– Once we know your ideas, we’ll first send you a sketch by e-mail (this is really just a plan, sketched with pencil on paper, not in color, not in 3D). Based on this drawing, you’ll be able to see what your dadu's shapes will look like. We’ll also send you an approximate size, from which the final product may differ by a few centimeters, but it will be roughly the same size.
If you want a swirly personalDadu, we will only draw the middle of it, i.e. the letters, and how the curves start from it, but we don't draw the whole thing, because we always improvise a lot with the swirly ones.
This sketch is free, it doesn't mean you have to order it. We are always very happy to draw, but it takes more than a few minutes to come up with a design, so please only ask us for a sketch if you are serious about wanting to order it. Together with the sketch, we will also send the price offer.

For puzzle pieces with a tray, the price also includes the custom-made tray.

– If you accept the design together with the price offer, then we ask for an advance, which is 25% of the total price, and once we have received the advance payment, we will start making your dadu.
Please don't take this as distrust, but such a personal toy is quite a special thing. If the customer changes one’s mind by the time we are done with it, it is unlikely that we will be able to sell it to anyone else.

– When your personalDadu is ready, we will send photos of it and send the invoice for the remaining amount + the delivery fee. When the entire invoiced amount has been received, we will ship you the package within a few days.

If you’re pleased with your personalDadu, we would be thrilled if you send us a photo of your child enjoying it. It would be wonderful if, with your permission, we could display the photo on our website and/or Facebook page. Happy children are the world’s best advertising – but far more importantly, if we see that our work creates happiness, then that makes us happy, and inspires us to keep creating so that other children can share Dadu’s magic. We are incredibly grateful for your support!