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DaduGarden lets you bring the garden into your children's room :)


Enjoy gardening with the kids and Dadu: a close-to-nature role playing wooden toy set

Customizable and expandable hand-painted wooden toy set with flowers, vegetables, insects, and all the joys of the garden.

A skill-building toy for both young and old, helping to instill a love for nature, wildlife conservation, and caring for the environment in children.

With the DaduGarden playset, you can bring the garden into the kids' room. Our Little Gardeners’ toys are not just fun and entertaining; they offer plenty of opportunities to develop children's skills. Planting the different flowers works much like a shape matching game, enhancing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and dexterity. Since most of the flowers are quite large (which surprises many), even less dexterous little hands can grasp them easily.

DaduGarden can also be incorporated into role-playing games, personifying the various plants and creating stories with them, sparking imagination, expanding vocabulary, and improving social skills. The vegetables can migrate to the mini toy kitchens, where the little chefs can cook delightful soups from them. You can choose gardens to match the seasons as well. Even children living in urban apartments with rare opportunities for real outdoor excursions can get closer to nature while playing. Through shared play, kids can absorb a love and respect for nature and all living beings almost imperceptibly, and we can teach them about caregiving and responsibility.

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