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DaduZoo—Creative Wooden Animals for Role Play and Learn

Dadu's Unique, Hand Made and Painted Wooden Animal and Fantasy Figures Offer Developmental Fun for All Ages

Little kids can get so attached to some of their animal figures that they treat them like their best friends. They talk to them, sing to them, feed them, tuck them in, take care of them, and carry them wherever they go. As they grow a bit older, preschool-aged kids involve their toy animals in role-playing games and puppetry. They also like to place animal characters in season tables they create together. In many families, there are picture books about nature and the animal world, and the dice animal figures can come out while flipping through these books.

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Animal Tales

Tales about animals play a crucial role in the development of little ones. Immersing themselves in the stories of different characters brings them closer to nature. Consequently, they become more sensitive and empathetic, understanding the significance of diversity, and the world opens up before them.

By learning about the nature and habits of various animals, kids come up with their own tales and stories, fostering their speaking skills, creativity, and imagination. During shared playtime, their vocabulary expands, and they express their thoughts more nuancedly. Moreover, parents find it easier to impart life lessons to their children by acting out stories with animals. This is exactly what Dadu aims to achieve with these wooden toys: to provide lovable, endearing characters for them.

Realistic Wooden Animal Figures—Just Like the Real Thing

At DaduShop, we find it essential to offer lifelike, intricately shaped, and painted animals in our collection – from beloved family pets like dogs and cats to wildlife found in distant savannas or rainforests. We strive to depict these animals realistically through their movements, paint detailing, and proportionate sizes, allowing for an educational experience about the lives of different creatures during playtime. These animals are perfect for imaginative role-playing, tailored for older kids who start to enjoy role-playing games around the age of 3.

Our figures are designed to preserve the graceful, delicate lines of certain animals, as much as the characteristics of wood allow. This means that these toys are not suitable for chewing or throwing. We recommend them for ages 3 and above.

Animal Families

Embracing, interlocking animal families are unique toys that symbolize the unity of your own family. In our designed sets, we pay attention to ensure that not only do they look beautiful when put together, but each individual animal in the family can also be used independently as a fully functional toy.

Elephant Nursery—Skill Development Toy

Our Elephant Nursery game is highly favored by special education teachers and extensively used in developmental sessions. It serves as a valuable resource for learning colors, engaging in matching games, and mastering concept pairs such as smaller-bigger, taller-shorter, front-back, and more. These activities, when combined with DaduVillage playsets, complement each other perfectly in their educational roles.

We recommend it for even the youngest children.

Whimsical Animal Figures for Free-Spirited, Creative Kids

We love creating figures that defy the ordinary. Whether their shapes are exaggerated or their paintwork is surprising, the essence lies in making them as unique, imaginative, colorful, and cheerful as the children who will play with them. These creatures are true storybook heroes, just waiting for you to invent tales to accompany them. We believe that playful, amusing, and extraordinary toys inspire children to let their imaginations soar freely, encouraging them to role-play, draw, mold, create, and invent their own stories without constraints.

Every wooden creature in DaduZoo is unique and special, a perfect gift for those who love nature and one-of-a-kind handmade creations.

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