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Creative, unique wooden animals for role-playing games for all ages

Young children often form a deep attachment to their animal figurines, considering them their best friends.

They talk to them, sing to them, feed them, cover them so they don't get cold, care for them, and take them along wherever they go. As they grow a bit older, preschool-age kids incorporate their toy animals into role-playing and puppetry, and they love to include animal characters in the seasonal displays they create together. Many families have picture books about nature and the animal world, and while flipping through them, Dadu's wooden animals may also make an appearance.

Good animal stories play a vital role in children's development.

By immersing themselves in the tales of various characters, children become closer to nature, more sensitive, and empathetic. They learn the importance of diversity, and the world opens up to them. Exploring the nature and habits of different animals, they create their own stories and narratives, enhancing their language skills, creativity, and imagination. During shared play, their vocabulary expands, and they express their thoughts more nuancedly. Parents also find it easier to explain certain life situations to their children when acting them out with animal characters. Dadu aims to provide lovable, cherished characters through these wooden toys, enabling these experiences.

We consider it important to offer both realistic, meticulously crafted and painted animal figures, as well as those residing in the realm of fairy tales and fantasy, sparking children's imagination and creativity.