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Neighbours - DaduVillage

Neighbours - DaduVillage
Neighbours - DaduVillage
Neighbours - DaduVillage
Neighbours - DaduVillage
Neighbours - DaduVillage
Developmental wooden toy made of untreated linden wood with child-friendly wax based paint and a child-friendly wax coating. For all ages.
Size: approx. 14½ x 12½ x 2 cm.

Like every dadu, this one is completely unique. We won't ever make another one exactly like this one. Even if we tried to, we wouldn’t be able to, because we don’t use templates. We hand draw all of our designs directly onto the wood and then we paint them by hand with custom mixed colors. Every Dadu is as much a completely unique work of hand-crafted art as it is a developmental toy.
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CE tanúsítvánnyal rendelkezik
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We love to look at children's drawings, and we often try to design with the same freedom and courage as they depict the world. Houses are often the first real, recognizable elements in children's drawings. Small, big, crooked, chubby or dented, low or sky-high, they're all beautiful, and all in all the colors of the rainbow. We try to imitate them a little.
The DaduVillage is a continuously expandable building toy that can be a part of children's lives for many years. From the cheerful, brightly colored houses, even the very little ones can ably put together a small street, and older children can use them to conjure up a fabulous environment for all kinds of role-playing games. You can vary it with other toys: building blocks, field table, ball courts, train builders, and almost anything you can find in a children's room.
It develops fine motor skills, creativity, stimulates the imagination, makes children tell stories, you can learn colors with them, and if they have outgrown these toys, they can even be beautiful decorations for a bookshelf.
This is also a toy at Dadu that is not "finished". At first there were only the colorful huts, then there was a gateway house, a cocoa bar, neighbor-houses, mimicry painted huts, and we will surely have more buildings.
Of course, like all dadus; the huts are also unique, no two are alike.
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