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Wooden Toy Insects—bugs and ants, bees and butterflies and more

Wooden Insects: Ants, Bees, Butterflies, and Many More

Little kids approach every living creature with trust and openness. They can love a fuzzy caterpillar, pet a snail, have no fear of spiders, and curiously observe all kinds of insects. It's only much later, influenced by adults, that they may develop aversion or fear of these creatures. However, the world of insects is truly marvelous and incredibly diverse—a world worth exploring.

In Dadu's Little Insects collection, you'll find hand-painted, lifelike wooden figures that can be used for both learning and role-playing. We also recommend them as accessories for DaduGarden gardening playsets.

Toy Bugs for Little Ones: The Big Bug Band

We designed these fistful fun bugs for any age. The rounded shapes and vibrant colors capture the attention of even a few months old babies. Easy to grasp with just developing motor skills, so they are perfect even for the littlest hands.

Additionally, they can make an unusual yet perfect decoration for a modern, gray office.