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DaduGarden mound of one piece with customizable planting pits

DaduGarden mound of one piece with customizable planting pits
DaduGarden mound of one piece with customizable planting pits
Figure out what kind of mound you want for your DaduGarden, and we'll make it for you.

• Depending on what you want to plant in it, you can determine what kind of planting holes it should have
• You can choose its color

There are three types of Planting Pits in the DaduGarden mounds:

• small round (most of the plantables fit into these, e.g. flowers, mushrooms…)
• large round (mainly trees and tuberous vegetables can be planted, e.g. potatoes, celery, beetroots, onion flower…)
• and elongated pits for taproots (e.g. carrots, parsley, horse-radish)

Because we love and respect wood even with its imperfections, we always try to make the best use of its properties. We try to embrace its beautiful boo-boos and bypass the not so nice parts when we draw the organic shapes of the mounds freehand on the planed linden board. For this reason, and because we also consider the variety of topography in nature to be wonderful, the shapes of the DaduGarden mounds are very varied.

Since there are many possible combinations, we cannot keep everything in stock, so please take the preparation time into account when ordering. We have many types of unpainted mounds prepared, if you choose one that we only need to paint and wax, we can send it to you 2-3 days after the order. If you choose a combination that is not prepared, it takes about eight to ten days to make it. And if you want a mound that you can't select with the buttons, write to us and we'll discuss whether we can make it according to your wishes.

If you want to paint your garden mound yourself, you can also order it in a natural state. It's completely prepped, polished, all you have to do is paint it.
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The DaduGarden lets you bring the garden into your children's room :)
Children are born innocent and open to all living things. They can love a furry caterpillar, and find a wilted dandelion beautiful. If they learn about nature, the responsibility for it and care in a fun, collaborative game (we even offer a small wooden watering for our young gardeners :)) maybe they will not want to pave over everything. Perhaps they will choose to plant trees instead of cutting them down. Or maybe they will not knock down the swallows' nests or litter in the fields. We can only hope - and help our kids dream…
Of course, DaduGarden is just a toy. We don’t think it will change the world, but maybe it will help make our kids better than we are.
And of course, DaduGarden can simply be enjoyed without sublime thoughts about redeeming the world. Sometimes a toy is just a toy!
Like any dadu, all the mounds and plantables of DaduGarden are unique pieces as well. This means that each planting pit and the bulbs of each plantable are individually drilled or cut and polished. Since everything is handmade, they are obviously not perfectly accurate, so it happens that some of the tubers are a little bit harder to ‘plant’ than others.
Wooden hand-made toys often have imperfections that do not occur with plastic, machine-made toys. But we still vote for the wood :)
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