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Monkey - guenon

Monkey - guenon
Monkey - guenon
Monkey - guenon
Monkey - guenon
Monkey - guenon
Monkey - guenon
Monkey - guenon
Developmental wooden toy made of untreated linden wood with child-friendly wax based paint and a child-friendly oil coating.
Size: approx. 12½ x 6½ x 2 cm.
Warning: not suitable for children under 3 years of age.
Like every dadu, this one is completely unique. We won't ever make another one exactly like this one. Even if we tried to, we wouldn’t be able to, because we don’t use templates. We hand draw all of our designs directly onto the wood and then we paint them by hand with custom mixed colors. Every Dadu is as much a completely unique work of hand-crafted art as it is a developmental toy.
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CE tanúsítvánnyal rendelkezik
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Figyelmeztetés: nem alkalmas 3 évesnél fiatalabb gyermekek számára.
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Dadu Savannah is a constantly expandable set of toys, the elements of which can be selected and purchased as desired.
We try to depict as many animal species as possible, which can be used to populate a dadu background. You can also find typical African trees here. We try to realistically portray the animals' movements, as well as their coloration/fur patterns and size proportion to each other, so that while playing, you can learn about the life of the wonderful African wildlife.
These toys are for children older than three years, as they start playing role-playing games at around that age.
Good animal tales play a very important role in the development of children. By immersing themselves in the story of a character, they become closer to nature, become more sensitive and empathetic, learn to understand the importance of diversity, and unfold the world. By learning about the nature and customs of different animals, they invent their own tales and stories – their imagination soars!
As children play together, their vocabulary expands, and they express their thoughts in increasingly nuanced ways. Parents also often find it much easier to help their kids understand certain complex life situations if they role play it with animals. With these wooden toys, Dadu wants to add kind, lovable characters to this constantly evolving ‘play’.
These more sophisticated figures are designed to preserve the graceful, delicate lines of the animals, insofar as the characteristics of the wood allow. This means that these toys are not suitable for either chewing or tossing, so we recommend them for children and adults ;-) over 3 years old.
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